Reading the City: Montreal and its neighbourhoods

Mondays 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Room 420, Macdonald-Harrington Building
except for walking tours – departure points listed in schedule

Nancy Dunton
office: 4710 St Ambroise, su. 243, 514-846-8904 or email for appointments
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Course Content

To intervene, an architect has to understand; to understand one has to know how to read the city. This course is intended to develop both the capacity to read and an understanding of the architecture of Montreal and its context at the level of the neighbourhood. The emphasis will be on the evolution of Montreal architecture as seen from the sidewalk seven of the thirteen sessions are walking tours.

The class is a lecture-based course both in class and in situ - that will seek to make the city real for a generation more comfortable in the virtual. The intent is that the history of the city reveals itself over the course of the lectures and visits. Maps from every era will serve as the thread that binds in the course – they will demonstrate the successive layers of construction of the city. Images will help the student understand the form, volume and materials used in each period as well as changes to the character and nature of neighbourhoods.

Significant emphasis will be placed on buildings of the last twenty-five years in the course so as to stress the importance of intervention in the practice of Montreal architects. The course is intended to make students aware of the ‘Montrealness’ of the city.

Learning Outcomes

Having completed the course, the student should:

Instructional Method

Each session will present one or more neighbourhoods either in class in a lecture format or in a walking tour which will start from a designated metro station or intersection.